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410-24257-JN J&N Electrical Products Starter

410-24257-JN J&N Electrical Products Starter

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One New Aftermarket J&N Electrical Products Starter

Tech Info:
-Arrowhead: B0001106405, SBO0215; Fits BMW: 12-41-7-540-897, 12-41-7-552-105, 12-41-7-552-697, 12-41-7-582-309; Fits Bosch: 0001106405, 0-001-106-405, 0001106406, 0-001-106-406, SR0837X; Citroen: 5802 AR, V7-540-897, V7-552-105; J&N Electrical Products: 410-24257; Lester: 19000, 19116; Fits Mitsubishi: M000T32271ZE, M0T32271, M0T32272; Peugeot: 5802 AR, 5802AR, V7540897, V7-540-897, V754089780, V75408978005, V75500178004, V7552105, V7-552-105, V755210580, V7645594, V764559480; Steyr: 7540897, 7552105
-LESTER: 19000, 19116, VOLT: 12, POWER: 0.900 kw, HP: 1.207, CONDITION: New, ROTATION DIRECTION: Clockwise, ELECTRIC STARTER TYPE: Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction (PMGR), NUMBER OF TEETH: 10, GEAR OD: 1.083", GEAR OD: 27.500mm, MOUNT HOLE ID 1: 9.400mm, MOUNT HOLE 1 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE 2 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE ID 3: M8x1.25, MOUNT HOLE 3 TYPE: Threaded, WARRANTY: 1 Year, : Fourth Mounting Hole is M8-1.25 Threaded

Replaces Part Number(s): 410-24257
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