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410-24232-JN J&N Electrical Products Starter

410-24232-JN J&N Electrical Products Starter

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One New Aftermarket J&N Electrical Products Starter

Tech Info:
-Arrowhead: B0001108158, IMI205-001; Fits Bobcat: 6514006, 6514398, 6665502, 6670269; Fits Bosch: 0-001-108-158, 0-001-208-049, 0-001-211-206, 0001211228, 0-001-211-228, 0-001-211-989, 0-001-211-990, 0001311038, 0-001-311-038, 0001311048, 0-001-311-048, 0-001-311-113, 0-001-311-149, 0-986-010-710, SR72X, SR74X; Fits Delco: DRS0400, DRS0710, DRS3360; Fits Ford: 70AB-11000-DA, 70AB-DA, 71BB11000BA, 71BB-11000-BA, 71BB-BA, 73AB-11000-AA, 73AB-11000-BA, 73AB-AA, 73AB-BA, 74EB-11000-AA, 74EB-AA, 76AB-11000-AA, 76AB-11000-BA, 76AB-AA, 76AB-BA, 76BB11000AA, 76BB-11000-AA, 76BB-AA, 85GB-11000-EA, 85GB-EA, 85GX-11000-EA, 85GX-EA, 94GX-11000-AA, 94GX-AA, D1RY11002A, D1RY-11002-A, D1RY-11002-B, D3RY-11002-A, D4RY11002A, D4RY-11002-A, R73AB-11000-BA, R73AB-BA, R76AB-11000-AA, R76AB-AA, R76BB11000AA, R76BB-11000-AA, R76BB-AA, SAE672; Lester: 16405, 16595, 30655; Fits Lucas Electric: LRS00146, LRS00168; Valeo: ND063, VS137, VS159, VS207
-LESTER: 16405, 16595, 30655, CRITICAL NOTE: PLGR Replacement Type, VOLT: 12, POWER: 1 kw, HP: 1.341, CONDITION: New, ROTATION DIRECTION: Clockwise, ELECTRIC STARTER TYPE: Planetary Gear Reduction (PLGR), NUMBER OF TEETH: 10, GEAR OD: 1.051", GEAR OD: 26.700mm, MOUNT HOLE ID 1: 10.600mm, MOUNT HOLE 1 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE 2 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE ID 3: 10.600mm, MOUNT HOLE 3 TYPE: Unthreaded, WARRANTY: 1 Year

Replaces Part Number(s): 410-24232
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