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410-14107-JN J&N Electrical Products Starter

410-14107-JN J&N Electrical Products Starter

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One New Aftermarket J&N Electrical Products Starter

Tech Info:
-AC Fits Delco Tools: 323-216, 336-1016, 336-1024; Arrowhead: IMI106, IMI106N, SFD0057, SFD0077, SFD0078; Fits Bosch: SR513X, SR550X; Fits Delco: 10465069, 10465075, 323-216; Fits Ford: C2OF11001A, C2OF-11001-A, C2OF11001B, C2OF-11001-B, C2OF11001C, C2OF-11001-C, C2OF11001D, C2OF-11001-D, C2OF11001E, C2OF-11001-E, C2OZ11002A, C2OZ-11002-A, C2OZ11002B, C2OZ-11002-B, C3OF11001A, C3OF-11001-A, C3OZ11002A, C3OZ-11002-A, C4OF11001A, C4OF-11001-A, C4ZF11001A, C4ZF-11001-A, C5TF11001B, C5TF-11001-B, C7AF11001B, C7AF-11001-B, C9ZF11001A, C9ZF-11001-A, D0AF11001B, D0AF-11001-B, D0ZF11001A, D0ZF-11001-A, D2AF11001CA, D2AF-11001-CA, D2AF11001HA, D2AF-11001-HA, D2ZF11001AA, D2ZF-11001-AA, D4OZ11002A, D4OZ-11002-A, D5OF11001AA, D5OF-11001-AA, D5OF11001BA, D5OF-11001-BA, D6OF11001AA, D6OF-11001-AA, D6OZ11002A, D6OZ-11002-A, D7OZ-11002-A, D8OF-11001-AA, E1AF-11001-BA, E1AZ-11002-B, E2SF-11001-AA, E2SZ-11002-A, SA531, SA630, SA660, SA660A, SA709; J&N Electrical Products: 410-14002, 410-14002R, 410-14107; JANNCO: 410-14002R; Lester: 3124, 3153, 3168; Fits Lucas Electric: LRS01127, LRS01421
-LESTER: 3124, 3153, 3168, FAMILY: Fits Ford 4 1/2" Mod II, VOLT: 12, CONDITION: New, ROTATION DIRECTION: Clockwise, ELECTRIC STARTER TYPE: Direct Drive (DD), NUMBER OF TEETH: 9, GEAR OD: 0.965", GEAR OD: 24.500mm, LENGTH: 189.500 mm, LENGTH: 7.461", MOUNT HOLE ID 1: 9.500mm, MOUNT HOLE 1 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE 2 TYPE: Unthreaded, REGISTRY OD: 103.900mm, REGISTRY OD: 4.091", WARRANTY: 1 Year, : Tab Type B+, MOUNTING EAR DISTANCE 1: 134.400mm, MOUNTING EAR DISTANCE 1: 5.291"

Replaces Part Number(s): 410-14107
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