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400-48056-JN J&N Electrical Products Alternator

400-48056-JN J&N Electrical Products Alternator

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One New Aftermarket J&N Electrical Products Alternator

Tech Info:
-LESTER: 11231, VOLT: 12, AMPS: 115, CONDITION: New, REGULATOR CLOCK: 9:00, QUALITY TYPE: Economy, MOUNT HOLE ID 1: 11mm, MOUNT HOLE 1 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE 2 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE ID 3: 10mm, MOUNT HOLE 3 TYPE: Unthreaded, FAN LOCATION: Internal, REGULATOR LOCATION: External, TERMINAL ID 2: B+, TERMINAL 2 SIZE: M8x1.25, POLARITY: Negative, NUMBER OF GROOVES: 6, PULLEY TYPE: Decoupler, WARRANTY: 1 Year, : 2-Blade Regulator Plug
-Arrowhead: A2TJ0481, AMT0194, VMT0194; Fits Bosch: AL6457X; Fits Chrysler Motors: 04801323AB, 04801323AC, 04801323AD, 4801323AB, 4801323AC, 4801323AD, 4801323AK, R4801323AD; J&N Electrical Products: 400-48056, 400-48248; JANNCO: 400-48056N, 400-48248N; Lester: 11231; Fits Lucas Electric: LRA02932; Fits Mitsubishi: A2TJ0481, A2TJ0481ZC

Replaces Part Number(s): 400-48056
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