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1673663M1 Manual Steering Gearbox Assembly Fits Massey Ferguson TO35 135 35

1673663M1 Manual Steering Gearbox Assembly Fits Massey Ferguson TO35 135 35

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One (1) New Aftermarket Replacement Manual Steering Gearbox Assembly

Fits Massey Ferguson Tractor Models: TO35, 135, 35


Length: 17.00",

Uses 1691798M1 steering wheel.

Does not include shifter cups, original ones must be reused.

Replaces Part Number: 1673663M1

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Customer Reviews

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James Thomson (Austin, US)
Aluminum Cast steering gearbox assy for MF 135 = Not a good match to orginal

I had restored this 1971 MF 135 for my use (Box blade work and bushhogging.)

Tractor operated great until steering shaft failed (new) fluke failure and I decided to install a new box instead of rebuild.
BUT , When I received new steering box assy, I found I couldn't use my new correct steering wheel cause tapered shaft supered to a spline shaft!
There was no recc steering wheel for this unit so I was going to return it.
The folks at Reliable are great and sent me a return label to ship box box.

I decided to keep the gearbox cause I did find a steering wheel to fit it (from all states ag)
The entire gearbox is a quality disappointment but is same one the other suppliers offer....
Made by the same overseas supplier (India) over the same dung pile.

(I have a machine shop,,,,,

a) The front mounting holes are misaligned; I had to use an end mill and slot the RF hole 1/8 " to even start bolt; the others lined up
b) you must retap all holes as they are not clean and cut with a dull tap;
c) The large oil fill hole threads were messed up and lid doesn't **** on correctly TBD SHOW STOPPER!!!!!
d) The angle of the steering shaft is off......doesn't center within the dash.
e NO trim to go over new top shaft bearing support because is DIFFERENT
FOR NOW I used a small plastic spray paint LID to cover shaft

7 ) I had to spend $60 to get a "Splined STEERING WHEEL from ALL STATES AG " because the gearbox doesn't accommodate the tapered shaft/key as original.. So I have this **** steering wheel so the tractor will steer.

8 ) AND The dash and hood wont fit correctly to close when done because the "Welded ears" on the steering shaft column don't locate the dash panel correctly to clear the hood. The Steer column is ugly and original column cover doesn't fit!
Because of the miswelded ears, the column is not centered within the dash.

9) Had to shim air cleaner housing to keep from hitting RH sheering shaft!~

So much for an easy repair ; AND trying to keep tractor original …….

Unfortunately It is the only thing you can get !.....

So I will probably completely rebuild the original gearbox as I should have done in the first place....
No one has reman gearboxes! There are a lot of MF 135s around. (Fits 35's also)
I have and use a 64 MF 35 Deluxe (SGM serial # ) with original steering (3100 hrs)
James Thomson