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1543250C1 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Fits Case

1543250C1 Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kit Fits Case

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One New Aftermarket Replacement Cylinder Seal Kit

Fits Case Models:

Crawler Tractor/Loader
350 Crawler Tractor/Loader w/Backhoe Models 26,26B,26S,26C (Dozer Lift, Dozer Tilt)
350B Crawler Tractor/Loader w/Backhoe Models 26C,26D (Dozer Lift, Dozer Tilt)
450 Crawler Tractor/Loader w/Backhoe Models 26,26B,26S,26C,32,33,35 (Dozer Lift - S/N 3060306-Up)
450B, 450C, 455B, 455C Crawler Tractor/Loader w/Backhoe Models 26D,35 (Dozer Lift)
550 Crawler Tractor w/Backhoe Model 26D (Dozer Lift)
Cable Layer
475 Cable Layer (Reel & Dozer Lift)
480C Loader/Backhoe (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
480D Loader/Backhoe, 480LL Loader/Landscaper (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
480E Loader/Backhoe, 480E LL Loader/Landscaper (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
480F Loader/Backhoe, 480F LL Loader/Landscaper (3-Point Hitch Tilt, 3-Point Hitch Lift)
580B Loader/Backhoe w/Loader/Backhoe Model 35 (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
580C Loader/Backhoe (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
580D, 580 Super D Loader/Backhoe (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
580 Super E Loader/Backhoe (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
580K Loader/Backhoe (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
580 Super K Loader/Backhoe (3-Point Hitch Tilt)
680C Loader/Backhoe (Backhoe Bucket)
Wheel Loader
W14, W14H Articulated Wheel Loader, W14FL Feedlot Special (Steering)

Replaces Part Numbers: 1543250C1
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