Spring Lawn Mower Maintenance

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The importance of Riding Lawn Mower Maintenance and top things to maintain.

Ride-on lawn mowers are rugged outdoor power equipment that gets a lot of use and abuse. Here are a few basic steps to keep your lawn mowers in good working order. Good lawn mower maintenance extends machine life.

Mower maintenance varies. Read your mower's manual and follow the usage, maintenance, and safety instructions. Replace components with Reliable Aftermarket Parts when necessary. When hunting for new features, keep track of your mower's make and model.

Set the mower's parking brake. Disconnect the battery or unhook the spark plug wires as indicated by the manufacturer. Assemble all the moving parts. Following pre-maintenance measures,

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Read the manual. 

To some guys, this may seem counter intuitive. The best approach to maintaining your mower is to follow the manufacturer's directions.

Drain the tank.

A non-starting mower is frequently due to old fuel, so empty the tank before storing it for the winter. In the spring, refuel.

Oil check

Vessel debris and oil levels are checked. Replace the machine's oil every 50 hours (or annually).

Inspect the air filter 

A clogged air filter can cause engine overheating (if your mower has one). Defending this critical component from harm Using compressed air may allow unwanted particles in. Remember, the goal is to remove surplus particles, not clean an old air filter. Changing air filters is cheap and necessary.

Replace the plug.

For easy starting, replace the spark plug once a year. The mower may not start if the replacement is too tight.

Clean the base.

Clean your lawnmower's underbelly after every mow, and scrape it once a month. This will help prevent corrosion and enhance ventilation under the mower deck.

Replace the blades.

When blades become dull sharper or replace the blades to prevent grass ripping. Sharp blades cut damp grass well.

Store it indoors, not outside.

Shed your mower. Even a few hours might cause early rusting. If it becomes wet, dry it quickly before storing it.

Properly Inflated Tires.

The tire pressure sets the deck; an uneven deck means a rough cut. Replace tires if they become dry rotted or bald.

Oil it.

The majority have ten grease fittings. If not, metal pieces will rub together and wear out. Aside from that, over-or under-greasing might cause damage.

Has an expert serviced it?

While we are confident that we have the exact parts you are looking for, if the maintenance seems like a larger project then expected make sure you reach out to a professional.

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