Old vs. New Tractors

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Old vs. New Tractors

We may always defer to something new being something better. Yet, that's not always the case. This is especially true for heavy farming equipment such as tractors. It doesn't matter the size of a tractor, whether it's 30hp or 150hp, working with older tractors will always be a better bet than always getting a new tractor when it seems that one or two things might need a repair.

Tractors can last a long time

When they are correctly maintained, Tractors can easily last up to 30 years and be quite efficient even towards their end of life. It's all about finding the correct type of after-market part supplier that will help to work with whatever tractor you might have on your land.

These parts are sure to handle any repair or maintenance issues that are happening with the tractor and continue its usefulness up until its complete end-of-life cycle.

Without the proper type of maintenance with tractors, you're going to hit problems within the first ten years, and you'll think that it'll be time for a new tractor. Don't have that mentality and understand your investment's length of time.

Tractors are expensive

Another thing to note, and why old tractors are always a better option, is that tractors aren't cheap. They're actually very expensive and can be up to $75,000 for a new one, depending on the size, make, model and functionality.

Even some are so high-end that they can cost upwards of $600,000! That means this is a true investment into your business and that it has a long depreciation cycle, but that upfront cost could take a while to repay back, so cycling out for new tractors doesn’t really make sense.

Are after-market parts worth it?

Absolutely! The parts will be a fraction of the price of a new tractor and can easily save thousands of dollars on expensive repairs when you've got the parts ready to go.

Most of the parts that are needed for common repairs are anywhere from around $50 to a few hundred, subject to the make and model. They can also be much easier to replace and install than when handling other types of automotive repairs.

At Reliable After Market Parts, we understand the investment in both money and time it takes to keep a tractor running and see it as our mission to have your old tractor working newer than ever.

Another major dilemma when it comes to getting a new tractor is that it's never a guarantee that it will operate any better than your old tractor, as your old tractor had been reliable all this time.

So don't make a huge business mistake, and get a new tractor before you need to. You'll thank yourself later, and your business will also be much healthier down the line.

We're always upgrading our parts offering for newer models to ensure that our after-market parts cover as wide a range of tractors and other types of agricultural machines as possible.

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