Learning Farm Equipment & What New Farmers Need

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Learning Farm Equipment & What New Farmers Need

Shopping for agricultural machinery can feel like you're a kid in a candy shop if you're a budding farmer, but it can also be quite overwhelming for farming newcomers – from tractors, ATVs, Trucks, and Wagons to Cultivators and more, there are tons of pieces of farm equipment to consider when looking to start your venture.

While the list of farm equipment is quite extensive, and all of them will come in handy at some point, we’ve compiled a summary of some of the essential equipment you should get when looking to start your farming life!


The first call of action for any farmer is tractors! Make sure you don't just go for one based on a flashy color – you should pick your tractor based on your needs for the farm. Tractors come in a multitude of sizes, so you need one with a horsepower that’s suitable for your needs. Consider how much space you’re working with, and you’ll be able to determine the perfect tractor for you.

If you have a particularly small-scaled farm, a two-wheeled tractor may be the way to go. This is a version of a tractor that you walk behind to operate while still getting the job done on a cheaper and smaller scale.


Chances are you'll need to dig some holes in your farm. If you're exploring those holes on a consistent basis, then you should look into purchasing a backhoe so you can get the job done efficiently. However, backhoe tractor attachments can exceed the $10,000 mark to buy – this price is worth the money for someone who is going to dig frequently, but not for someone looking to unearth the occasional hole.

If you would class yourself in the second category, then you can always borrow or rent a backhoe, when necessary, instead of purchasing your own. That way, you can have access to one when you need it, without committing to a large purchase that gathers dust!

Front End Loader

Front-end loaders can be used as a potential alternative to a backhoe for small-scale farms since they can be attached to your tractor to dig and hold bulky items. It must be stressed, however, that front-end loaders are only compatible with some tractors, so long as they are equipped to handle the weight.

This option comes in much cheaper than a backhoe at around $2,500, making it excellent for farming on a budget or on a small scale.


ATVs are a superb way to get around your farm and can even be used to carry your harvest and equipment. As with tractors, plenty of the attachments listed above can be implemented into an ATV for versatility and convenience.

Farm Truck

Great for hauling equipment and animals alike, trucks are a great companion for any gamer. You'll need to consider what tasks you'll need to perform with your truck, such as pulling a trailer or making long trips. This will allow you to decide whether you need a small, medium, or large truck.


If you're looking to apply compost tea, pesticides, or herbicides, then a sprayer will be your best friend. If you have a lot of crops to consider, you can also use a tractor or ATV attachment sprayer.

Irrigation System

Who can forget watering the crops? Irrigation systems allow for a consistent watering of your produce, so you don't have to go out with a hose every night and do it yourself.


Mowers are essential for keeping your grass in check. There are a variety of mowers, from riding mowers and zero-turn mowers to belly-mounted mowers, which will have various use cases depending on your needs for the farm.

Manure Spreader

If you have livestock, then you can use a manure spreader to spread manure across your field. This is especially a good choice for horse farms.

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