John Deere Tractor Parts: Five Quick Interesting Facts!

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John Deere Tractor Parts


John Deere is heralded as one of the leading brands in agriculture and has only grown in stature with time. Clients from around the world appreciate what this high-end machinery has to offer and why it's among the best in the business. The company has become synonymous with quality and it has a lot to do with its history.

This read is going to offer insight into the world of John Deere and how the company got to its current position. This is a business that was built on the shoulders of hard work and quality craftsmanship.

Whether it's harvesters, tractors, balers, sprayers, or seeders, there's real value in going with a brand as powerful as this one.

1) John Deere was a Traditional Blacksmith

Let's begin with John Deere as he was the man behind this wonderful company.

In his earlier years, John Deere was just like most kids as he would spend time working away at school looking to learn more about the world around him. He was simply soaking up as information as he could while trying to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. During this period, he thought about different careers and realized it was time to become a qualified blacksmith. He felt this was something that worked well with his skill set and it was something that would allow him to try his hand at new things.

All of this happened at the ripe age of 17 as he quickly learned the skills necessary to take on blacksmith clients.

He was among the best at what he did and it was all happening at an earlier age. This success was only a sign of things to come because his ideas continued to grow with each passing year. He felt there was something more out there that could be used to generate revenue and that's when he came up with what's now become a world-class company.

2) The First Diesel Engine was Made in 1949

The diesel engine is common now but at the time it was something remarkable. John Deere as a company took the time to work away at a fully-powered diesel engine that would be used for its machinery.

The engine was equipped with 51 horsepower and packed a punch when it came to taking off. This meant it was a great option for those looking to create top-quality machinery that would be usable for years to come.

This diesel engine was established in 1949 and came with a separate clutch.

3) John Deere Followed a Strict Quality Control Process

What was the reason for John Deere's success as a blacksmith and professional?

He was committed to a rigorous quality control standard that was ahead of his time. He realized there was nothing more important than quality results because that's how he would have to make his name. If he wasn't able to do this, he would remain a step behind and that was the last thing he needed.

As a result, John Deere has become synonymous with quality in the world of agriculture. His legacy continues to live through these machines.

It's something he wanted to make sure was taken care of as soon as an order came through. He rose in popularity at the time because of this hard-working mindset. He would always take his time with new orders and would learn what people wanted before releasing machines onto the open market.

In his eyes, if the machines weren't working in line with what people wanted then they were not worthy of his name.

4) John Deere's Son Took Over in 1858

John Deere worked with his company for a few years before he took time to step back. He had built the company and managed it during the 1850s.

When it came to managing results, he was focused on passing the company to his son, Charles.

Charles took the company to new heights and continued to manage the company for almost 50 years before retiring.

5) John Deere Turned into an International Brand In Early-1900s

John Deere didn't start as a big brand but it took off during the early-1900s.

It was around 1912 when the first Canadian plant was built by John Deere. They were looking to expand and that is when various countries came on board for a piece of the pie.

This brand spread quickly across the planet as it was seen in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, France, and Germany to name a few. As of right now, John Deere is spread across 103 locations and has sold machines to almost every nation in the world. This demonstrates how the brand has spread and what it means to use John Deere equipment.

The quality control is out of this world and it's a symbol of what the company stands for.

John Deere has become a household name across the world and is established as the gold standard in agriculture. It's important to understand the intricate nature of its growth and how it became such a powerful brand. When it comes to the finest equipment in the world, it's best to take a look at John Deere's inventory of options. There are several high-grade options and each one brings something unique to the table. It's all about finding the right fit and appreciating the level of detail that goes into creating these high-grade machines.

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