Important Tips to Keep your ATV & UTV running at Peak Performance

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Important Tips to Keep your ATV & UTV running at Peak Performance

ATVs and UTVs are a lot of fun. You get to drive with one of the most stable vehicle types out there, and you also don't need any type of paved road to enjoy it! It's a way of going on an adventure with robust power between the legs getting you through.

Yet you want to make sure that every time you take out your ATV or UTV for a ride, it's working in optimal conditions; otherwise, you'll be lugging it back yourself.

You want it shiny

That means hose it down and wash it after every ride. You don't want any dirt or mud getting into the works. Even though these are built to work in these environments, whenever you clean your ATV or UTV, you're helping to prolong everything. This ranges from the tire treads to the inner workings of your vehicle.

Make sure all fluids are topped up

ATVs and UTVs can be real gas guzzlers. They are made to go through any terrain, and that means extra horsepower and extra gas will be used. You also want to make sure you’re using the best quality gas possible as it helps to maintain your overworked engine.

Speaking of engines, always check the oil levels with every ride. Again these engines take a lot more beating than standard vehicles, and you'll want to make sure that there are plenty of lubricants not to have the engine grind and stall. This is also true with ensuring there's always enough coolant to help maintain that engine health and prevent overheating.

Check those tires

The main reason you can offroad with an ATV or UTV is the tires. They are specially designed to give you the right type of traction and grip. But, of course, that means you'll want to replace them consistently, especially when that tire tread is run down. Also, make sure to check and adjust the tire pressure as needed because that will help with the preservation of your tires as well.  

If you start to feel vibrations or wobbling beyond the normal shaking of off-roading, that means your tires aren’t gripping properly and need to be replaced. Also, if there are any punctures or leaking, don't try to patch them up, as it'll be better to replace them outright.

Maintain the battery and replace spark plugs

Remember, ATVs, and UTVs use a lot of power for short periods of time, which means you want to make sure there's no issue with your battery or the wiring. Always do a visual inspection before heading out, and know that these batteries will run out faster.

Spark plugs are another item to consider, especially if you're not properly maintaining the ATV or UTV's engine. These will wear out more frequently, and thus less power will be transferred. Less power is not something you want with these types of vehicles.

In the end

Ensure that you're checking your ATV or UTV more frequently than your car and give it the necessary attention. It'll serve you well on those days you want to enjoy everything nature has to offer. 

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