How Often Should You Mow Your Grass?

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Homeowners have a responsibility to keep their homes and their yards looking nice.  One of the things that they must do is cut their grass on a regular basis so that it stays looking as nice as possible.  For some people, knowing how often to mow the grass is something that they need help with.  The following information will help them to determine how often they should mow their grass during the mowing season.

The summer is the time when grass grows the most.  It also grows during the spring and fall but not as much.  The rate of grass growth to the desired height will make a huge difference in how much the lawn needs to be mowed.  During the mowing season, it is generally once a week that people will need to mow their grass.  This is to keep the grass healthy. During the rest of the time, cutting the grass can be done every other week.  This is the general rule but each homeowner may need to consider the health of their lawn in particular as well as other factors.  They may need to cut their lawns more often than other people in order to get the growth of the grass under control.  With the care and attention that is needed, homeowners can make sure that they have a yard that looks fantastic.    

They will want to make sure that the grass is high enough to ensure that cutting it is justified.  Cutting grass that is already too short can lead to lots of problems that the homeowner doesn't want.  If they cut the grass when it is too short, they can weaken the roots of the grass.  This will make the grass unable to absorb the water when it is needed as well as fertilizer when it is used.  A general rule of thumb is to have grass the height of 3 to 3 1/2 inches so that it can be healthy.  This will allow it to develop roots that are deep and strong.    

There is something else that homeowners need to be aware of when they are taking good care of their lawns.  They need to stay away from cutting too much at one time when the grass is overgrown.  Although it is tempting to cut it all down so that the job is completed, this can stress the grass so that it can't get the proper nutrients.  This type of cutting will leave the lawn to turn brown.  The best way to handle the problem is to cut only 1/3 of the height of the grass at a time.  If it is still too high, it is important to cut it on a regular basis until it is at a height that is desired.  But, by remembering to only cut it 1/3 of the height is what needs to be done to have a healthy lawn at all times.  

Making sure that they are using a good lawn mower or tractor is necessary.  They should always check to make sure that the machine that they are using is working properly.  It will make a difference in the way their grass looks when they are using the proper equipment in order to do the job correctly.

Making sure that the lawn always looks nice is something that is important to many homeowners.  It can make all the difference in how the home appears to other people as well as themselves.  As they move into the mowing season, they can keep the information above in mind so that they are always taking the best care possible.

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