Do's and Don'ts of cleaning up leaves

Do's and Don'ts of cleaning up leaves

Yes, we're at that time of the year again, and the backyard or the land surrounding your whole house is already starting to get covered in leaves. So here are some quick tips to help you along this season.

Do it smart

The first area is to rake smart. That means making sure to have a collection area for all the leaves you're going to rake. This is your centralized area, and if you're not going to buy an oversized bag built for raking leaves, then you can go with a tarp and put all the leaves onto the tarp for collection. This way, you don't have to use multiple plastic bags, which saves on trips as well as on plastic.

Also, to minimize the weight, check the weather and rake only when the leaves are dry and ready to be shredded and turned into mulch. Wet leaves mean extra weight and extra effort that can easily be avoided.

Use the proper equipment

That means you're going to want to use an appropriate-sized rake and possibly a leaf blower, which can result in the job being a lot easier, even though it's only necessary when there's a lot of land to cover. The rake itself should be as ergonomic as possible, as it will require a certain amount of exertion.

Then it's all about what happens when you move those leaves. A lot of pollen and dust and, well, nature, in general, is going to start moving around when you start raking in those leaves. Since you're already used to wearing masks in general, a good dusk mask will make a huge difference when it comes to raking. You'll protect yourself from allergies and the pollen attack that is bound to happen.

Of course, those clothes that you're wearing while you're raking will need to be removed; otherwise, you're simply bringing in all that nature indoors.

Avoid a poor disposal method

You cannot simply throw leaves away; even worse, you do not want to burn leaves, as some people suggest. Burning leaves is asking for two things, a smoke and fire hazard. Those dried dead leaves will cause a lot of smoke to form and throw around dirt and other pollutants wherever the wind takes it. But, unfortunately, that same wind can also help to push and spread fire.

As we get greener, we may already have a compost set up, and leaves during Autumn are an excellent addition to any composite pile. They're rich in carbon and just what a compost bin needs. If you're not composting, you can simply turn them into mulch. While leaves sitting in your yard aren't useful, mulch will help to act as a fertilizer for shrubs and other lawn foliage.

Don’t ignore it

Leaves, while they may look pretty, and will eventually go away come springtime, will also leave the space looking mismatched and patchy. While it may be cumbersome, you do want to make sure to clean up those leaves somehow. You don’t have to do it the minute you see a leaf on the ground, and in fact, you can wait till all the leaves have fallen for the season and do one massive cleanup job at once.

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