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MAH-MS111-JN Fits Mahle Starter

MAH-MS111-JN Fits Mahle Starter

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One Fits Mahle Starter

Tech Info:
-LESTER: 18941, 30529, CRITICAL NOTE: Does Not Have Ground Stud from CE Housing, FAMILY: Letrika/Fits Mahle AZJ, VOLT: 12, POWER: 3 kw, HP: 4.023, CONDITION: New, ROTATION DIRECTION: Clockwise, ELECTRIC STARTER TYPE: Planetary Gear Reduction (PLGR), NUMBER OF TEETH: 10, GEAR OD: 1.587", GEAR OD: 40.300mm, MOUNT HOLE ID 1: 10mm, MOUNT HOLE 1 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE 2 TYPE: Unthreaded, MOUNT HOLE ID 3: 10mm, MOUNT HOLE 3 TYPE: Unthreaded
-AGCO: 3667040M91, 3680133M91, 3784890M1, 3786094M93, 3786094M94, 3823621M92, 3823621M93, 3823621M94, 3823621M95; Arrowhead: 410-29040, IMI241-003, IS1071, IS1195, MS111, MS289; Atlantic Quality Parts: 2100-0102; Fits Caterpillar: 312-7539, 364-4130; Deutz: 3784890M1; J&N Electrical Products: 410-29040; Lester: 18941, 30529; Letrika/Iskra: 11.131.228, 11.131.410, 11.131.508, 11.131.973, 11.132.175, AZF4102, AZF4111, AZF4132, AZF4264, AZF4321, AZF4569, IS 1071, IS 1195; Fits Lucas Electric: LRS02206; Fits Mahle: 11.131.014, 11.131.070, 11.131.228, 11.131.288, 11.131.397, 11.131.508, 11131410, AZF4102, AZF4111, AZF4132, AZF4538, AZF4569, AZJ3369, IS1071, MS111, MS289; Marelli: MSN8040; Fits Massey Ferguson: 3680133M91, 3784889M1, 3784889-M2, 3784890M1, 3784890-M1, 3786094M93, 3786094M94, 3823621-M91, 3823621M92, 3823621M93, 3823621M94, 3823621M95, 3823621M96, 836667507; Other OEMS: 3667040J9A; Perkins: 2873K404, 2873K621, 2873K632

Replaces Part Number(s): MAH-MS111
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