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HLA-H83468201-JN Hella Directional Light

HLA-H83468201-JN Hella Directional Light

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One New Aftermarket Hella Directional Light

Tech Info:
-Hella: H83468201
-: Concealed LED Light heads@ Pop-In Design@ 12V In-line Control Unit@ 19 Selectable Flash Patterns@ Can be Synchronized@ Weatherproof and Vibration Resistant@ Direct Replacement for Xenon Strobes@ Flange Option for Exterior Mounting@ Includes Leads, AMPS: 1.800, COLOR: Amber, INTENSITY: Unadjustable, LIGHTING: LED, STROBE POWER LOCATION: Remote, STROBE TRIGGER LOCATION: Remote, VOLTAGE INPUT HIGH: 16, VOLTAGE INPUT LOW: 10

Replaces Part Number(s): HLA-H83468201
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