New International Harvester BD144 Engine Parts Manual
This International Harvester model BD144 Diesel Engine Parts Manual (4-Cylinder) is a reproduction of the original factory-issued Parts Manual.It has 146 pages of exploded illustrations of your Engine, detailed instructions on how to disassemble your machine, fix and rebuild it. The Parts Manual is an invaluable aid because it also provides the information and part numbers you require for ordering the correct parts for your BD144.This makes the process faster and easier when ordering parts from us, or any other reputable International Harvester parts dealer. Even if you already own the Parts Manual and it is in great condition, our value-added content, like post-publishing updates, corrections, serial number info and more make this manual indispensable.
Category: Manuals & Decals
Sub Category: Parts Manuals
Class: Misc.
Manufacturer Part Number: RAP74535
Weight: 4.0 lbs